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Detailed Service information on our Booking Page. (1).png

Detailed information on the Booking page.

Services: Services

SPECIAL March 4 - March 11 
50% off every service (Excluding 1hr Reiki $80)

To receive special you must call to schedule and pay. You can schedule any time within the next two months. We are extending our hours for this special only. 719-639-6586

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Finding it hard to know which service would be best? Please call! A few quick questions will help us know what would be best for you.  If you feel it's more in depth than a short phone call, set up a free consultation so we can help you get yourself on the road to healing, calm and inner peace.

Gift Cards

We now offer Gift Cards through Square. These are the perfect gift for any occasion. Click the link to purchase!

March Madness Special

To lend calm, balance and healing in one beautiful session! $135 1hr & 20 minutes with both Scott & Monica

Psychic Medium  & Channeling Sessions

You have two beautiful options! I can connect & receive messages from your deceased loved one to bring healing, security and peace.

Or I can channel Spirit. If you have questions about life, love or struggles these sessions are perfect. Click Find Out More to read more about these beautiful sessions.

Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki 90 Min

This is the service we recommend most people start with. It gives us plenty of time to help clear your energy & chakra's, check for attachments, raise your vibration/energy, work on health issues and check for attachments. Plus, Monica will bring her intuition and Mediumship to the session. This is a powerful session for healing, restoring balance, harmony and light within as well as receiving messages from deceased loves ones and answers and insight to questions or struggles you may have. This is our most powerful service & a favorite of clients. It is 90 min with both Scott and Monica $185

Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki 60 Min

One hour of our powerful Shamanic Energy healing combined with Reiki. 60 min $108 With Scott only.


Reiki is a beautiful healing practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state. 1hr $80. This is with Scott only.

Animal Reiki

Promoting calm and healing for your fur baby. Getting to the root of behavioral issues when needed. 35 min $48

Past Life Regression

An ancient science - bringing past life trauma to light to heal your current life. A powerful healing experience. 90min $155 With Scott and Monica

Journeying with Chakra Clearing

Journey to meet your Power Animal, Guide, Angels or Teacher. This begins with a Chakra Clearing & Illumination. 75 min $150 With Scott only. Call before booking please.

Soul Retrieval

Bringing home all the lost pieces of oneself to promote healing. 75-90 min $155 With Scott and Monica


Do you feel or see a spirit in your home? This is a powerful session where I guide them on to their next journey. 1hr 15min $135 With Scott only.

12-16 Week Heal to Your Empowerment Program. A personalized program for your specific healing needs.

Empower yourself and dive deep into your trauma. This in an intense program that is personalized to your needs. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation.


To help you find your strength, your voice, & your power. 90 min. Cost $165


A beautiful hypnotic journey to promote calm, lend healing, help with addiction, confidence & more. 1hr $105

Breaking Free

Toxic relationships can end with you! Stop the cycle of trauma & start healing today with this service. 90 min $150

Releasing Your Anger/Freeing Yourself

A powerful service to help you get in touch with & release suppressed anger & emotions. A very moving experience. 60- 90min $145

Inner Child Work

A beautiful journey to meet, love & support all the hurt parts of you (& that little boy/girl within) and bring you to the present. 60 - 90min $145

Crystal & Sage Attunement

A ceremony to attune a crystal & sage to your intentions $33

Home & Property Cleansing plus Blessing & Light Ceremony

A beautiful ceremony to cleanse your space, bless it & illuminate it with love & light. Starting at $65 pr hr.

10% discount for Veterans, Teachers and Healthcare Professionals with ID. Contact us for a discount code once proof has been given.

Scott & I will both be working on you for most of our services.

That means you get double the energy work/healing with each session.

Detailed Services information in our Booking Page.

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