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Our Story

Scott and I (Monica) met in 2002 after failed abusive marriages. Our backgrounds being so similar from our traumatic childhoods to our previous marriages, we felt we were destined to be together. We went into our relationship with a deeper understanding of each other and what we wanted in life and love. Neither of us knew our gifts or our path at this time, but we knew whatever path we went down, it would be together. Our new journey led us to Colorado, away from all the toxic people & relationships that held us back. As we began to heal ourselves, our gifts started to emerge. We decided to seek out the help of a Shaman to better understand what we were experiencing and why. While on a guided journey with this Shaman, our vision was brought forth. We saw, felt, & answered the call to become healers. To use our past trauma coupled with our abilities to help make a change and to embrace others with love and compassion. We both dove in to learn and become fully trained/certified in all that we do. Our love of people and animals, as well as our love of healing them, makes it a true blessing to be living our life as healers. 

We have created a lovely, calming office space that welcomes you when you enter our home. Having our office in our home allows for privacy and quiet that you usually do not find in a typical office space. Our living area is kept separate so you can enjoy a peaceful space to relax and enjoy your session with us. (and possibly a few furry friends) If it's cold, we may even have the fireplace going for you but regardless, our hearts are always warm and inviting as is our space.

You can read more about Monica (yes it is me but I am no longer blonde) and Harmonious Hearts in her recent interview here:

You can read more about us and our business here:

Who Are We?
Here is our most recent interview of 2023

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