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Another wonderful review from a client we had the pleasure of working with. It's been amazing watching her grow and shine brighter than ever!

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I cannot put into words how special Monica and Scott are. If you're feeling drawn to them, just go with it! I haven't felt this light in my heart in years. I initially did a class with Scott and Monica but the first service I did was the 90 minute Shamanic Energy Healing & Reiki. I think that service was a really good way to get familiar with both of their work. They're both so intuitive and can provide divinely guided suggestions for what may be helpful for you in your journey. I have truly experienced incredible healing with them and I am excited to do and learn more with them. They're there to support you and I am so thankful I was brave enough to reach out. They help you to tap in to your inner wisdom and get grounded. What I have learned with them has been truly invaluable. Beautiful people!

Isabella M - Jan 2024

Myself and my family have been working with Scott and Monica for over a year and I cannot say enough about how gifted they both are and how much they have helped us!
Scott's Shamanic energy work is indescribable! I always leave our sessions feeling lighter, grounded and happier. I have had dark attachments that he has removed and cleared which has helped me heal on such a deeper level. I receive chakra clearings from him as well and they really open me up to light and love.
Monica's intuitive and medium gifts are incredible! Her energy is beautiful and kind and real. She is the most intuitive and encouraging person in my life and has helped me to take back my power and strength and learn to trust my intuition. Her work is light and love and beautiful. I have gotten inner child work done with her which has helped heal the hurt child within me. That has helped me on a level that I never even realized existed. Not only have they both helped me and changed my life, but they have helped my children as well which I cannot thank them enough for! They are the definition of a power team! They are changing the world by changing every individual's world with whom they work. Helping people break the cycles that trauma passes on from generation to generation.

The H Kids - July 2024


A few weeks ago I was in a lot of deep pain. My right hip joint was problematic, X-rays also showed torn tendons and torn ligaments. I had spoken to Monica about the pain and she suggested that vibrational healing may be of some help to me. I was eager to try anything! I spoke with Scott, through FaceTime media. Scott was very empathetic and interestingly, he only needed to know very little about my condition. Scott said he he preferred it that way due to the nature of the healing he would be applying. Scott quickly taught me a couple of breathing techniques that I would need to use and that was it. The session began. Scott didn’t need to see me and I didn’t need to see him. I just loved the sessions.
Upon completion of the first session I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted, the second session allowed me to sleep. I slept all day and all through the night also the following day. It was wonderful. I very seldom take medication, always preferring alternative applications. I toss and turn at night regularly having to take the weight of my hip. However, the vibrational healing allowed me to finally enter a sleep! I was so badly in need of deep sleep. After a few days following that session I began to notice there was less pain in my hip. During the middle of another session Monica did some mind work with me and that was deeply comforting and empowering. I now feel emotionally and mentally stronger as well. I am in Australia and Scott is in the USA.
A special thanks to both Monica and Scott for their warmth, understanding, professional competency whilst helping me to heal!
Rakaia Lee

Rakaia Lee - Australia 7/18/22

I have experienced many healing modalities, but I really didn’t know much about Shamanism until I met Scott. I didn’t realize that a Shaman is one who acts as an intermediary between this world and the spirit world, using energy and the elements to heal at the deepest level. Before receiving a session with Scott, I read up on what are the characteristics of a good Shaman. Generally, it is one who is someone free of ego, who allows space for the spirit to do its work. An authentic shaman will have an on-going relationship with their teacher, who is like a line manager, always checking up on him or her. This teacher will be from a good lineage, and the shaman will have studied with them, one on one, for an extended period of time. A good shaman is not there to “cure” you or dish out remedies like Western doctors. They are there to hold up a mirror and lead you towards the real story of you, a place from which you will be better able to heal yourself. These descriptions fit Scott to a T. I have had several sessions with Scott and have been amazed of how helpful they have been. I have also had several sessions with Monica, who is a wonderful hypnotherapist. Her calmness and caring attitude lifts my spirit and leads me toward the me I want to be.

Sharron Brandrup - July 2022

I have truly enjoyed all of the work that I have done with both Scott & Monica. They are a dynamic team and compliment each other's gifts and skills so beautifully. I have done some chakra healing sessions and just completed the Shamanism 101 course which was an extraordinary experience! I cannot recommend them highly enough to help you navigate and clear blockages in your life to continue to move towards the best version of yourself so you can shine your light! Thank you Scott and Monica for helping me remember who I am!

Mimi Tenace - Business Owner Fierce Beauty by Mimi Colorado Springs, CO. July 2022

Monica and Scott are amazing! If you are new to this kind of healing work, have no fear! They explain everything and make sure you are comfortable throughout the process! They are both so in-tune and the way they work together in a session is art! I am noticing a shift in my energy that is drawling me back into this kind of self love and healing! They are both so knowledgeable and for any situation, they have advice and tools to help work towards a solution! They truly listen and spend time with you. You can feel their compassion! I am so excited for my healing journey and to get back to me through their help and guidance. They are just so genuine and you can feel this calm and good energy as soon as you are in their healing space!

Jessica Fleming - Licensed Massage Therapist 6/24/22

I had an amazing experience with Scott and Monica!! I had the chakra clearing session. I am truly amazed at the results! Mentally & emotionally I feel clarity about my life & I feel calm & at peace. I feel more energetic & motivated to declutter everything around me! I feel so much love and peace! My body feels calmer, with fewer pains. I feel more grounded & connected, like a newfound awareness.

 Danielle Angela - Feb 1, 2022 Pennsylvania

I’ve been having a hard time putting into words just how amazing my experience so far with Scott & Monica has been. In less than a week, between the session with Scott clearing my chakras and so much more, calling my spirit back and Monica’s help with my gut and anxiety issues, I feel like a totally different person. More at peace with my hardships, clearer of mind, more connected to the world and myself, to my husband and kids, more hopeful and able to be present in my life. I feel like I was asleep and just going through the motions of life. Like I’m looking forward to being better for myself and for my family. Looking forward to doing more work in the future.
Scott and Monica, thank you!

Jannette Howell 1/26/22 Pennsylvania

I wanted to share after a transformative healing that I had with Harmonious Hearts. I've worked with Scott & Monica previously, and I just love them but in all honesty, I did not want to do this healing. I knew it was something I desperately needed and they knew it as well. First Scott cleared my chakras and while doing so, noted some issues that I was dealing with. (that he didn't know about) He cleansed my energy and worked on some problem spots and left me feeling refreshed. But then Monica did something I had never had done before - and I'm just gonna say - it changed my life - an emotional and powerful retrieval of my spirit. While it's too hard to explain, what I can say is that I experienced a range of emotions. When I was asked what I was feeling, I could say, " I FEEL!" I cannot explain how it feels to go from thinking you're feeling whole, to realizing you've been just a shell, too feeling actually, WHOLE. It made me feel good, yet sad because I realized I hadn't fully experienced life as I should. It gives me goosebumps to think about it. 
Monica & Scott, thank you for helping me to call my power back. Thank you for uniting me with my spirit and most of all, thank you for reminding me I'm a bad-ass warrior woman.

Nina Schulze -12/2021 Colorado 

Thank you Monica and Scott at Harmonious Hearts Healing !!! I have had the pleasure of using both in-person and virtual sessions! Both are super successful. I have had sessions with Scott for chakra work, health scans, energy healing/clearing, & more. I have had the pleasure of working with Monica on spiritual counseling, inner child work & a natural holistic way of living! I am in a much better place physically/ mentally/ spiritually/and energetically!! My husband sees how I am in a better place with my medical conditions and emotions, so he has had sessions as well. We recently did a virtual for my 3-year-old for medical issues and they were resolved by the end of the day!! I highly recommend reaching out!! They have become one of the best parts of my healing journey.

Jeanie Renteria -  Colorado Springs

I've had several dog reiki sessions with Scott & every time it's paid off! Most recently I had a session on a tiny rescue puppy and approx 24 hrs later she showed incredible improvement!! He is a Rockstar to me and my fur babies! Highly recommended! I have more sessions on the schedule to keep my critical puppy on track. Every day she is showing more improvements. I can't wait for our next session so I can see even greater results

Suzanne Jensen - FLEA Rescue -  Derby Kansas

I have tried many different healing alternatives. I never had such an experience as I did with Scott! As a Reiki Master myself, I’m always looking for assistance and different ways to heal. With Scott, I was able to relax which is difficult for me. As Scott started working on my Chakras, I could feel what he was working on and I would ask - example are you working on my root chakra and he would say yes & this continued. I knew what he was cleaning out because I could feel it. Such a warm feeling. Long story short Scott is absolutely an amazing healer! I only hope that I help my clients feel as good as I did. I intend on continuing to work with him! I highly recommend Scott. At the very least, don’t take my word about it. Try it out for yourself. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Pat Allen - August 2021 - New York

Thank you very much for your help, dear Scott. You are amazing! After my chakra clearing session with you, I felt sooo great. You helped me a lot with your virtual energy work. I am experiencing a lot of positivity in my life physically and mentally both now. You are highly gifted with what you do. A true healer I would say! When you were working on me virtually, I could feel the energy very strongly on my body. My hands were moving on its own as well! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and guidance.

Valentino Donovan Sewbaran - 5/2021 Paramaribo, Suriname

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